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Fix mobile bugs. Fast.

Upload your app on a remote device, test it using touch and debug it in real time.

Replace bug reports with recorded, debuggable TapCasts.

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Kill bug reports with TapCasts

Free your testers from ever needing to create a bug report and your developers from reading one. Let the bugs reproduce themselves and debug in real time.

Fight fragmentation with our Device Fleet

Access and interact live with any real device from your own touch screen (not a browser), use it for recording and replaying your Tapcast and debugging your app in real time.

Remote real-time debugging

All devices from our Device Fleet are connected to your computer via a virtual USB cable. Debug your app in the exact same way as you always do, just wireless, remote, and with no hardware clutter.

More Features

  • Real devices

    Fix all of the bugs on real devices, don't rely on emulators on a vanilla Android OS.

  • Framework agnostic

    Use whichever IDE, tool or framework you prefer (Xamarin, Android Studio, Eclipse).

  • Integration with bug reporting tools

    Make debugging with testing tools, such as Crashlytics, faster and easier. AWS Device Farm integration is coming soon.

  • Collaborative Dashboard

    Manage your sessions, TapCasts, your apks, your Markers, your devices and your team from one place.

  • One tap apk install

    It's like Hockeyapp but instant and for your internal team.

  • Session Markers

    Mark a bug while testing and automatically capture a screenshot.

  • Automatic recording of a testing session

    Captures a video stream with synchronized logs and a full gesture stream of a testing session.

  • Testing session replay

    Review a testing session with one click. Replay TapCasts or video recordings and debug on the same device in seconds.

  • Safe and secure

    Don't worry about anyone accessing your data. We reset each device to a factory state after each use.


  • Fix bugs fast

    Don't look for bugs. Jump straight to the scope of the problem.

  • Test, don't describe

    Save your testers' time. They should be looking for bugs, not writing bug reports.

  • Bugs that reproduce themselves

    Don't let your costumers reproduce your "irreproducible bugs". Fix them fast before that happen.

  • Out of box experience

    No integrations, cables or riddles. Download the Nativetap apps and start using immediately.

  • Access anywhere, anytime

    Share one pool of devices across all your remote team members, no matter where they are.

  • Improve customer empathy

    Finding anomalies in the widest population of devices means happier users.

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