Setting Up

What is Nativetap?

Nativetap gives you seamless access to mobile devices, together with a set of indispensable tools for testing and debugging your mobile app.

If you're working on a mobile application, and are in need of specific device to quickly check something out or maybe fix a device-specific issue, Nativetap is the right tool for you.

Although using Nativetap is really easy, it's a complex product consisting of several different apps and tools that can be uses in many ways. This documentation explains what's what and how to use each part of the system to make the most of it.

Already have Nativetap set up? continue to Debugging quickstart or browse the topics on the left.

If you don't have an account yet, continue reading - let's get you started!

Creating an account

An account is required in order to use any of the Nativetap features.

The initial procedure is the same for single user and teams.

Go to our Signup form and follow instructions there. After completing the form, you will have an option to visit your Dashboard, and at the same time, you should receive an email with activation link.

Once your get our activation email, just click the link in there and your account will be activated. This step is necessary to use all of the nativetap features.

Congratulations! Now you can use the Dashboard and log into Nativetap apps: Mobile app and Desktop app.

Setting up your profile

Your account is for you, as a person, only. Do not share your password with anyone.

When you wish to adjust your profile, enter the dashboard and click the gear icon in top right corner - you may set your profile picture, change your username and payment method there. app upload

Default Organization

Each Nativetap user has a Default Organization set up. Whether you're working solo or in a team, you will always have your Default Organization. You can of course change its name and icon or invite other people to participate in the organization.

You are the sole administrator of your Default Organization. If you're setting up a team, this is the place you can enter your team details and invite your teammates.

For more information, check the Organizations section.

Payment plan

Your new account will be in 3-day free trial mode once you finish your registration. If you wish to continue using Nativetap after that time, you'll have to enter your payment information and select a plan. Check out available plans on our Pricing page.

Payment plan and related information is tied to an organization and not to your person. This means that you don't have to enter any payment information in case you've set up an account only to join an existing organization (eg. your company's team).

Changing your password

If you are already signed in: click the gear icon in top right corner - you may set your new password here.

If you forgot your password: go to login screen, and click ‘Forgotten password?’ link below the form. Follow the instructions to set your new password securely.