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  • First you need to install the Nativetap Android app from Google Play on your mobile device (phone or tablet).
  • For debugging on your development workstation, install Nativetap desktop app for Windows, OSX or Linux.

Step 1

Our "out of box" approach means that setting up Nativetap is super easy.

You will only need to install two Nativetap apps (our mobile app and our desktop app) to get the full benefit of our testing and debugging tool.

  • You can search for specific devices and pin your favorite devices for easy later retrieval. The history tab tracks the latest devices you used.
  • After you login to Nativetap Android app, you can choose from many devices for remotely testing and debugging your app.

Step 2

Nativetap gives you seamless access to a wide selection of mobile devices from your tablet or phone. It's like having an entire Device Lab in your pocket.

You can access our devices from any location with high-speed network connectivity which is especially helpful for geographically distributed teams.

  • Your uploaded apps (.apk files up to 200MB) will appear in the area below the selected device. If you don't have an apk to upload, you can still start a testing session with the stock Android apps).

Step 3

We make it easy to deploy .apk files on our remote devices.

As soon as you upload your .apk file to our dashboard, you can install it on a remote device at the start of a session with just one tap. No cables required.

  • A real Android device in our datacenter will be loaded with your .apk and teleported to own device. We're recording both a video and a TapCast of the session for later playback and debugging.
  • While you are testing your app you can quickly check how it is impacting CPU, memory and network of the particular device.
  • There is a plethora of things you can do while testing. The buttons on the left mock hardware buttons, enable you to mock location or take screenshot.
  • You can end the session at any time. We reset each device to a factory state after each use so all of your date is wiped up.

Step 4

Bring a real-time, interactive experience of any device to your own tablet or phone.

Every action you perform on your own touch-screen is transferred to the remote device in real time. It's as if we teleport each device directly into your hands.

  • The summary screen will show you the duration of your session. The optional feedback survey will help us improve the service.
  • Name the session for later review and tap Done.

Step 5

After you finish testing, you'll see a session summary.You can name the session and review the screenshots you took during the session.

We will have automatically recorded a video session and a TapCast and you can find them in the dashboard for replays.

  • All of your testing sessions will be automatically stored here.
  • You can also manage your team memebers, your projects and your plans here.

Step 6

All of the testings sessions with all of your Tapcasts, videos with logs and screenshots will be automatically stored here. You can review and replay anything with just one click.

You can also do all of your house-keeping here as well: add team members, projects or upload .apk files.

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