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Mobile debugging as a service

Finding bugs is not enough, fixing bugs is everything.

Nativetap.io helps developers fix bugs fast. Bugs magically reproduce themselves on the right device in front of a developer's eyes. A virtual USB-cable connects a remote device to your developer workstation so you can debug your app in real time.


TapCast is more than a video recording. It records every action or gesture you perform on our remote device while testing. You can replay it later and watch bugs reproduce themselves without any efford of your side. Just sit back, relax and debug in real time. Forget bug reports, you'll need them no more.

  • Gesture Recording

    Capure all sensor data and gestures for later replay with TapCast. One click to recreate the exact conditions where the problem occured but with debugger connected.

  • Markers make screenshots

    Without interrupting your work, place a Marker and save an annotated screenshot to share with your team.

  • Tapcast Playback

    Instant playback of Gestures on a fresh device. Instant playback of Videos with synchronized Logs. Screenshots available for simpler problems.

Session video synchronised with logs

Don't rely on lengthy logs attached to your tester's reports. Nativetap.io automatically records a video and all the log data associated with the testing session. You can replay that video later in a browser and see the logs synchronised with all of tester's actions.

  • Automatic video capture

    The whole testing session is automatically recoded and uploaded into your dashboard for a future replay. No need for 3-rd party tools and handling big files.

  • Synchronised Logs

    Don't waste time copying, pasting and attaching parts of the log to your bug reports. All of them are recorded and synchronised with the video session. Easy!

  • High quality videos

    Enjoy a high quality recoding of the testing session and never miss any visual bugs.

Mark your bugs with our markers

When testing with Nativetap you can easily set a Marker at any time. Marker is a point in time, in which something interesting happens (be it a misplaced button or a spelling mistake in your app's UI). The Market will take a screenshot of the situation that you can annotate later.

  • Markers make screenshots

    Without interrupting your work, place a Marker and save an annotated screenshot to share with your team.

  • Mark the bug

    Markers are easily accessible in a separate tab so your team can browse them without effort. See what's todo and what's already done.

  • Annotate and draw

    Nativetap lets you draw on screenshots the moment they were taken. Cue your team on what's important in every picture. Ditch Gimp and focus on finding bugs.

Testing Tools Integration

Testing tools are great for testing but not for debugging. They leave developers with bug reports which take time to understand and require access to a necessary device. We integrate with your favourite testing tools and help developers to jump straight into a scope of the problem.

Crashlytics: With a single permalink URL from Crashlytics, we find the exact device, provision the right OS version, install and start the app, and place a breakpoint at the offending line of code

  • Jump straight into the scope

    Nativetap sets breakpoints in your code based on stack traces in the crash reports. You save your precious time.

  • Debug on the same device

    Some bugs are easy to fix on any device. Most are not. That's why we make it easy for you to access the same device with the same OS version.

  • AWS Integration

    Our integration with AWS makes it easy for you to debug your app after running automated tests on AWS Device Farm.

Device Fleet

Hundreds of the latest Android devices at your beck and call.

  • On demand, unlimited usage

    Use any device, whenever you want, for as long as you want. We offer unlimited minutes on every device.

  • Real devices

    Test and fix all type of bugs on real devices, don't rely on a vanilla Android OS run on emulators.

  • Available from any location

    Use it from any location with high-speed network connectivity. Great for geographically dispersed teams.

Device Fleet Teleportation

Bring a real-time, interactive experience of any device to your own tablet or phone. Every action you perform on your own touch-screen is transferred to the remote device in real time. It's as if we teleport each device directly into your hands.

  • Multi-touch support via touch (not clicks)

    Perform tap, double-tap, swipe, pan, flick, long press, pinch, and more on any remote device from your own touch screen - not from a browser.

  • Virtual USB connectivity to IDE

    IDEs see a USB connection to the remote device so you can get immediate feedback from it while you debug your app.

  • Pixel-perfect

    Choose the visual quality that matches your needs and network capabilities, up to pixel-perfect accuracy.

  • Real-time interaction

    Our low-latency solution allows you to interact with the remote device almost in real time.

  • Rotation

    Rotate your own device and our device rotates immediately, too.

  • Performance statistics

    See how the device uses its CPU, Memory, and Network while testing your app live.

Remote real-time debugging

All devices from our Device Fleet are connected to your computer via a virtual USB cable. Debug your app in the exact same way as you always do, just wireless, remote, and with no hardware clutter.

  • Remote devices connected locally

    Set a breakpoint, deploy to our device and debug as you always do.

  • Framework agnostic

    Use whichever language, IDE, tool or framework you prefer (Xamarin, Android Studio, Eclipse, etc.). We fit.

  • Replication always, everywhere

    Debugging only makes sense if you debug on the same device that crashes your app. Use our Device Fleet and pin it for good.

One-tap apk upload

Some teams produce insane amounts of .apk files that need testing. With Nativetap it's much easier to deploy them to various types of devices to be tested, especially for dispersed teams. Just upload them once, and install them whenever.

  • Storage for all .apk files

    Your apps change frequently, so you need a transparent storage to keep them handy and organised.

  • Upload once, test everywhere

    With one tap, every project member can install an app to a device they are using. Never struggle with distribution again.

  • Compare versions instantly

    You can easily store different versions of your app, and let your testers compare their behaviour on multiple devices.


At dashboard you can manage TapCasts, playback videos and organise your team members.

  • Manage TapCasts, Sessions and Markers

    Replay and debug your team TapCasts, discuss bugs, review screenshots - all from one place.

  • Create teams and projects

    Organise your team effort into projects, keep your files and discussions clear of clutter.

  • Discover video + log

    Review videos synchronised with logcat from our device, and jump straight to bug fixing.

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